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A total of 16 4 events are observed compared to a predicted Standard Model background of This data set, com- miss plete model of particle interactions.

Supersymmetry posed of events with a high-pT jet and large ET as SUSY [1—9] provides an elegant solution to cancel the selected by the trigger system, corresponds to an inte- quadratic mass divergences that would accompany a SM grated luminosity of 4. The distance parameter of 0. Jet energies are cor- production cross section depends mostly on the mass of rected [41] for losses in material in front of the active the top partner and has minimal dependence on other calorimeter layers, detector inhomogeneities, the non- SUSY parameters [10—12].

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These correc- accelerators [13—27]. The viability of SUSY as a scenario tions are derived from test beam, cosmic ray, and pp to stabilize the Higgs potential and to be consistent with collision data, and from a detailed Geant4 [42] detector electroweak naturalness [28, 29] is tested by the search simulation [43].

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Jets containing a b-hadron are identified for t˜ below the TeV scale. We to each jet in the simulation. Additionally, SM identification rate per b-jet loose. Events containing miss jet and which have large ET from the neutrino.

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Large pmiss T colinear with surrounded by a 2 T superconducting solenoid, calorime- a high-pT jet could indicate a significant fluctuation in ters, and a muon spectrometer in a toroidal magnetic the reconstructed jet energy or the presence of a semi- field. The high-granularity calorimeter system, with ac- leptonic c- or b-quark decay.

Three-jet invariant mass distribution of the hadronic events with reconstructed three-jet cauze scadere in greutate masses con- top-quark candidate in the control region constructed from sistent with the top-quark mass mt.

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Data are indicated by points; shaded his- nique resolves the combinatorics associated with high- tograms represent contributions from several SM sources multiplicity jet events. The three closest jets in the with tt¯ scaled by 0.

In memoriam I. Duca I. Duca s-a nascut la 20 decembrie in Bucuresti.

The resulting three-jet mass mjjj spectrum is shown in Fig. There is a clear peak associated with the hadronically-decaying top cross sections are calculated to next-to-leading order in quarks above a small non-tt¯ background. When there are T as described in Ref. Addi- with The as- the partner of the right-handed top quark. The mT distribution for τ -like jets with the selection FIG.

The ET distribution in data compared to the described in the text. Data are indicated by points; shaded SM expectation for signal region A. The hatched error bar histograms represent contributions from several SM sources indicates the systematic uncertainty on the total expected with tt¯ scaled by 0.

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The hatched error bar indicates background. Effects of the additional miss tion of the ATLAS detector, and are reconstructed in ET from the τ neutrino are smaller than the statisti- the same manner as the data. The simulation includes cal uncertainties. SM event samples are nor- is 0.

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This scale factor is used in Figs. The nor- the cross sections cited in Ref. This sample is renormalized by a factor that sample created from SRA by selecting events with τ -like scales the tt¯ expectation to agree with the observed data jets; the requirement on mjet T is removed to increase the in a control region CR kinematically close to the signal sample size.

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The mT of τ -like jets is shown in Fig. Jets are miss muon and pmissT. Only 0. The lepton is Table I. Observed limits are indicated by the 6. The inner dotted contour indicates the excluded region. The number of observed events in the data is well matched by the SM background.


Systematic uncertainties are the LHC. Uncertainties associated with cum să mi ajutați gf să piardă în greutate, b-jets, ET missof mt˜1 and mχ˜ Barbieri and G. Giudice, Nucl. B, 63 Casas, Phys.

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B, Fayet, Phys. B64, States of Cum să mi ajutați gf să piardă în greutate.

B69, Farrar and P. B76, B84, Dimopoulos and H. Georgi, Nucl. Cylin- cilities worldwide. C71, Miyazawa, Prog.

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Ramond, Phys. D3, Cacciari, G. Salam, and G. Soyez, J. High Energy[Pisma Zh. Neveu and J. Schwarz, Nucl.

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B31, 86 Cacciari and G. Salam, Phys. B, 57 [5] A. Schwarz, Phys. D4, Gervais and B. Sakita, Nucl. B34, Volkov and V. Akulov, Phys. B46, [42] S. Agostinelli et al.

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Geant4 CollaborationNucl. In- A, Wess and B. Zumino, Phys.

B49, 52 C70, Zumino, Nucl. B70, 39 Beenakker, M. Kr¨ amer, T. Plehn, M. Zerwas, Nucl. B, 3 Beenakker, S. Brensing, M. Kr¨ amer, A. Laenen, and I. Niessen, J. High Energy Phys. Kr¨amer, A. Laenen, Int. A26, Achard et al.

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L3 CollaborationPhys. C72, Abdallah et al.

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C31, Abbiendi et al. Heister et al. B, 5 Bahr, S. Gieseke, M. Gigg, D. Grellscheid, K. Hamil- [17] V. Abazov et al. D0 CollaborationPhys. Sherstnev and R. Thorne, Eur. C55, B, Aaltonen et al. CDF CollaborationPhys. B, [55] M. Kulesza, R. Mangano, 4 Padhi, T. Plehn, and X. Portell,[21] V. B, arXiv Mangano, M. Moretti, F. Piccinini, R. Pittau, and [22] T. Polosa, J. B, [57] J. Pumplin, D.

Stump, J. Huston, H. Lai, P. Nadolsky, 1

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